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Anita Molina Desgroux
Born in 1978, Viña del Mar, CHILE
Graphic Designer Universidad de Viña del Mar
Diploma and Master degree in Marketing at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Power is being confident on your skills, be proud of who you are.
No matter what you do, just do it with your heart.
Enjoy life, simple things: just breath and feel the inner peace inside you.
Life is simple when you realized what really matters: be happy everyday on your own terms.

My artwork journey is my life and experiences they reveal my deepest feelings.
I create a complex world with all kind of mixtures, colors, different textures inspired from nature, trips, cities, people, and everything that I observe.
I live and express myself through painting.
It’s a privilege and I’ll always be grateful.

Create is a need, it is part of who I am.
I can’t imagine myself without painting or expressing all these feelings through art.
Be creative it’s written on my DNA.

Feelings are my inspiration: love, fear, passion, attitude, hope, life, dreams, joy.
In my work it always appeared this fight between two worlds: Peace & Chaos just like in real life.
People forget to BREATH, SLOW DOWN and ENJOY what they do.
For me this is it, I learn my lesson and I will never forget it.
Life is short, you’ve got to make it worth it every day and do what you love.

My process seems to be chaotic but really when I start painting a total disconnection flows through my veins, music sound loud, it seems that time stops and the only thing that matters is that moment in front of the white canvas and then something happens.
All these feelings inside of me get out loud through my hands doing different strokes, colors and movements that creates a unique sense of intimacy for each work.
It’s kind of magic, my Soul begins to talk.